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Is your in-house team overworked with content? Do you desperately need to outsource some of the workloads to a freelance writer? Let me help: I create magnetic, compelling, conversion-focused B2B content.

So, you’re interested in my services?

I look forward to helping you with your content marketing. đź‘Ť

Here’s everything you need to know… 

Pricing of My Services



Blog posts (complex)$0.25 per word
Blog posts (simple)$0.12 per word
Press releases$250
White papers$…
About page copy$50
Sales/landing page copy$100
Short email
Long email
Social media posts$2 per post


How Does My Process Work?

Now you know the price of my services — let’s talk about how the process works…

Step 1: You Send Me a Message

Once you’ve made up your mind and have decided to go forward, you can send me a message… There’s a form below you can fill out.

You’ll want to make sure your message is thorough — it makes things easier for me. The more I know, the better I can deliver for you.  

Here are some keys to follow…

  • Explain what service or services you require (blog posts, website copywriting, etc…)
  • If you have a content brief, please share it.
  • If you, or your business has a website, share the URL.
  • Any competitors of your business.

Step 2: I Respond to Your Message

I’ll receive your email, and decide whether this is a good fit for my skillset. I would never try to take your money if I know I couldn’t deliver on the job.

If it all looks good, I’ll respond with a thumbs up, and hash out any other details I might need to know.

Step 3: We Sign a Contract, You Pay 50% Upfront

At this point we’ve communicated through email, and are both ready to go forward.

I’ll supply a digital contract for us to both sign. This is standard practice — it protects both of us.

You will then pay me 50% of the payment upfront, to ensure I don’t get scammed. This is also fairly standard, and is written into the contract we’ll sign.

Step 4: I Begin Working and Finish a Draft

With all the information you’ve provided me — such as a content brief — I’ll begin extensive research and create an outline.

If necessary, I can run this outline by you to be greenlit.

I will then complete the work, finalizing the first draft.

Step 5: After Draft is Submitted, You Can Request Up to 2 Revisions

I will submit the first draft for you to review. You can then request any edits or revisions to the draft.

With accordance to the contract signed, you’ll be allowed 2 rounds of revisions. 

Step 6: Work is Completed, Rest of Payment Received

After any revisions and edits are made, the work is submitted. Depending on what the work is, you may ask me to upload it to your CMS.

You will then pay me the remaining 50% payment for the job completed.

Hopefully, we’ll continue to do work together in the future! đź‘Ť

How to Contact Me 

Ready to get started? Just fill out this form below and we can get this show on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you charge per hour?

I don’t charge per hour because I think it encourages the writer to take as long as possible to complete the work. This isn’t good — it’s better for both parties to work on a fixed fee. This way, you’re not having your wallet bled, and I don’t feel pressured to deliver fast.

Why sign a contract?

Signing a contract is important because it protects both parties — you and I. It does this by clearly defining the deliverables, holding both of us accountable.

A contract specifically helps define…

  • Pricing of the service provided
  • Any potential revisions allowed
  • The scope of the project
  • Copyright issues
  • Deadline of the service provided
Do you do retainers?

Absolutely — retainers are typically for repeat customers who’ve established a relationship with me. If you feel comfortable in my services you can inquiree about a monthly retainer.

What should I include in my message to you?

Making sure you send me a good message is really important. The more information you give me, the better I can deliver for you.

Here’s a list of things you should include in your message…

  • Your website, or contact details
  • What service you need from me
  • What your goals are from using my services
  • Who your audience is you are targetting 
  • Information about who you are/your business is
  • Who are your competitors
  • What is the topic you want me to write about
  • How long do you want the work to be

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