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B2B Expertise: IT Services & Managed Service Providers

As a B2B freelance writer that creates conversion-focused content, my expertise spans several marketing, technology, and business topics. Read on below to learn more about the specifics of my B2B expertise. 

B2B Expertise Topics:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Technology

3. Business

Digital Marketing

As the world continues to embrace the internet, digital marketing has become one of the primary marketing channels. Businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to enterprise-level organizations, are taking advantage, generating leads and converting them into customers.

As a B2B freelance writer, I have covered the topic of digital marketing and all its subcategories. From websites and search engines to email and social media, I’ve written in-depth about how to market online.

If you need conversion-focused B2B content about a digital marketing-related topic, I can help.


What powers the digital landscape is the technology that makes it all possible. Organizations of all industries and sizes utilize technology to power their operations and processes.

Many of the topics that I write about as a B2B freelance writer discuss digital technologies and their benefits to businesses. I’ve covered everything from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to IoT, SaaS, and eCommerce.  

If you’re looking for someone who can expertly translate the complexities of technology concepts, I can help.


Any business is only as strong as the people and team that run it. Running an effective and profitable organization requires a multifaceted approach. It demands practical decision making and leadership, data-driven operational processes, and effective employee management.

Business is a B2B topic that I have written many pieces of content about. I’ve covered issues ranging from management and administration to operations, processes, and entrepreneurship.

Are you looking for a freelance writer that can create conversion-focused B2B content on a business-related topic? I’m here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much expertise do you have on these topics?

My expertise varies, depending on the industry in question. All the topics listed on this page are ones that I have written about in-depth.

As a conversion-focused B2B freelance writer, my content creation process is careful and considered. I extensively research a topic, and also examine the currently top-ranking content on Google. If provided, I also take your content brief into consideration. The more detailed a content brief you can provide me, the better I can deliver high-quality B2B content.

I require expert B2B content on a specific topic. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely. I can help create high-quality B2B content on the topics listed on this page. I’m confident in my abilities to deliver on any marketing, technology, or business topic, targeted at a B2B audience.

Can you write B2B content on a topic that's not listed on this page?

Occasionally. If it’s a topic that falls under the umbrella of marketing, technology, and business, I’m confident I can deliver. A B2B target audience also helps.

The truth is that I’ve written on a wide range of topics, not just B2B marketing, technology and business. My research skills are strong, as is my writing. If you’ve got a need for content about a topic that’s not listed on this page, send me a message.  

Are there any topics that you don't write about?

Yes. I don’t write about medical, pharmaceutical, or healthcare-related topics. As I am not a medical expert, I don’t think it would be fit for me to cover those topics.

However, I have written articles about medical and healthcare industry marketing. This is obviously separate from giving out actual medical and healthcare advice. 

Do you only write B2B content? What about B2C?

Yes, although I primarily write B2B content, I can and have written B2C as well. When creating any form of content, the first thing that must be identified is the target audience. Whether I’m targeting business leaders or consumers, I’m 100% confident in producing conversion-focused content that attracts and nurtures leads.

Will you do the research yourself? Is this included in your freelance writing services?

Yes. As a professional B2B writer, research is a requirement and responsibility on my part. In order to truly understand the topic being written, I take my time and learn as much as I can. I will also examine the top-ranking results on Google. This gives me a greater understanding of search intent, given organic traffic from search engines is an intended goal.

If provided, a content brief can help me better deliver on your content expectations and goals. I might also ask some questions to gain more insight on the project deliverables. 

How much information do I need to give you for you to create B2B content?

It depends on what your specific content needs are. Generally speaking, the more insight that you can provide me, the better I can meet your expectations. A high-quality content brief can help with this. If needed, I’ll ask questions to fill in the blanks. My paid service includes a couple of revisions, which is generally enough to get the rough draft perfect.

Is the B2B content that you write completely original?

Absolutely. I never copy another existing article; the content that I produce is authentic and original. This is of importance when it comes to ranking on Google and with your target audience.

What benefits will I gain from using your freelance writing services?

If you hire my services, you’ll gain high-quality, conversion-focused content that’ll generate and nurture leads for your business. You’ll also unburden your in-house team from content overflow, allowing them to prioritize more important tasks and workflows.

Can I see some examples of your B2B content?

Absolutely. You can head on over to the Portfolio page on my website. On it, you’ll find over 66+ different pieces of B2B content, categorized based on what topic they cover.

Alternatively, you can click on the appropriate topic on the Expertise page. You’ll be led to an individual, dedicated page that includes portfolio samples covering that specific topic. 

What is the cost of your B2B freelance writing services?

All pricing details can be found on the prices page. My rate is based upon several factors, such as the length and complexity of the B2B content. I don’t charge a per hour rate because I feel it can encourage client exploitation. I also avoid charging per word for the same reasons. If I do write more words than you paid for, it’s free of charge.

Is your B2B content guaranteed to rank highly on Google and other search engines?

No, and the truth is that no writer can. There are several factors that determine the search engine ranking potential of webpages and the content on them. For example, the strength of your website’s backlink profile is a huge factor. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multifaceted discipline that takes time, effort, and patience.

However, content is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting on that first page of Google. It should be prioritized, even before you have the domain authority and referring domains to match.

Do you use a contract for your freelance B2B writing services?

Yes. It outlines the scope, pricing, and deliverables of the project. It helps protect both parties: you and I.

Can you create a statement of work for your freelance B2B writing services?

Absolutely. Most of the time this isn’t necessary, but if you require one, I’m more than happy to create one.

How long will your freelance B2B writing service take?

It depends on the specific nature of your B2B content needs: the length, complexity, and scope of the project. My workload also greatly affects this. My average ‘turnaround time’ is 7 days. If my schedule is open and flexible, I can prioritize your content. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the work you've done?

In the many years that I have been writing B2B content, I’ve haven’t yet not met client expectations. Included in my freelance B2B writing services are two revisions. These provide me with enough time to usually fix any errors or problems with my work.

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