What Is Wordsmith Method?

Everything you need to know about Wordsmith Method: who, what, when, where, why, and how.


Wordsmith Method is run by me, Lars!


I, Lars Larson, am a B2B freelance writer that helps SaaS companies and marketing agencies. When their in-house teams have too much content to deal with, they hire me to handle it.

My expertise lies in topics related to digital marketing, technology, and business. For example, here are some typical subjects that I write about for each:

Digital Marketing



To see the complete list of topics that my freelance writing expertise covers, check out the dedicated Expertise page.

What Is ‘Wordsmith Method’ Specifically? 

If you haven’t already figured it out yet: I am not an agency. I’m a B2B freelance writer by the name of Lars. As a sole trader, my business and brand name is ‘Wordsmith Method.’

As for why, well, I feel it supports my values as a writer. I believe in high-quality, effective writing (wordsmith) that is replicable (method.) I like to think of it as conversion-focused B2B content that is consistent in point of view, tone of voice, messaging, values, and branding. 


I’m situated in Perth, Western Australia, but I work with clients all over the globe. Whatever your English-speaking country is, I can adapt my writing to it. I also can adjust my hours to your timezone, if that’s necessary.


Wordsmith Method has been fully operational, servicing clients since mid 2019. Or in other words, I’ve been writing conversion-focused B2B content for three years now, helping generate and nurture leads.


To help SaaS businesses and marketing agencies grow with high-quality content creation. As a B2B freelance writer, it’s my goal to help my clients with their content marketing strategy.


By creating magnetic B2B content that satisfies search intent, converts readers into leads, and generates backlinks. More specifically, the content I help produce includes:

Unburden your in-house team

Ready to solve your content overflow and outsource to a freelancer you can trust?