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Helping B2B marketing and SaaS companies generate traffic and leads with content

Actionable, brand building content for B2B Marketing + SaaS

Every business wants more traffic, leads and signups.

That’s what great content can do for you.

…But you already knew that — I don’t need to tell you about content marketing.

You already know how inbound marketing works, you know the value of organic traffic and consistent blog content.

What you don’t have, is time. 

You run a business, you oversee multiple facets of the enterprise.

You don’t have time to write content yourself — that’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Lars.

I help B2B Marketing and SaaS businesses thrive.

I do this by crafting high quality, actionable content that builds your brand and dominates the SERPs.




Let’s be real — the days of low quality, keyword-stuffed content are over.

It doesn’t get the job done anymore.

You need content that

  • Provides a great user experience (informative, educational, entertaining…) 
  • Ranks well on Google (on-page SEO)

The problem with most (if not all) B2B content is that people can’t understand it. The technical industry lingo creates a language barrier.

You need to write in a style that anyone and everyone can understand.

This is what I do best — turn verbal static into spoken english.

What you get with me

  • Fixed fee, no hourly rates — so you don’t get strung along.
  • Extensive SEO knowledge — ranking high for the right long-tail keywords.
  • In-depth research — relevant research, data, quotes… Authenticity.
  • Spoken english writing — short sentences, short paragraphs… Easy to understand.
  • Scannable — subheaders, images, infographics, pull quotes.
  • Actionable — practical value readers can implement .

    Services that I offer

    Dominate the SERPs with high quality content.

    Great content is a surefire way to reap in massive amounts of organic traffic — the Inbound methodology.  

    Connect with your audience on a personal level.

    An effective email campaign can engage your audience like nothing else.

    Maximize conversions with killer sales pages.

    The right sales page will increase your odds of turning a lead into a sale.

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